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An energy shortage cannot be ruled out in Switzerland for the winter of 2022 or a future winter. The “National Risk Analysis of Disasters and Emergencies in Switzerland” has identified a prolonged shortage of power in winter as one of the three greatest risks. On these pages, you will find currently the most important facts regarding the topic of an energy shortage.
What is an energy shortage?
The Federal Council announced on 4 May 2022 that it is stepping up preparations for severe shortages in the electricity and gas sector.
The governing council also considers an energy shortage due to a lack of energy availability in the winter months to be a real risk. This assessment was reinforced by discussions with representatives of domestic electricity companies. The reasons for a possible energy shortage include a lack of electricity agreement with the EU, outages of French nuclear power stations for maintenance, a reduction of natural gas supplies from Russia and low reserves in European gas storage facilities as well as in reservoirs.
Information for the population
We advise – emergency supplies
Food and other consumer goods are transported every day via a smoothly functioning distribution system. If this system fails as a result of blocked roads or for any other reason, remote locations can quickly be cut off from food supplies. Nowadays we can assume that supplies will not be held up for months, but they could still be held up for several days. For this reason, the Federal Office for National Economic Supply (FONES) recommends keeping enough supplies for around one week.
Since electricity disruptions would also affect cash machines and electronic payment methods such as debit and credit cards or payment via smartphone, FONES recommends keeping a minimum amount of cash in small denominations.
The brochure “We advise – emergency supplies” explains what you should include in your supplies.
You can also find precautionary measures and tips on the website of the Federal Office for National Economic Supply.
Optimising energy consumption in the household
Sometimes, it doesn’t take much to reduce energy consumption in the household. Here you can discover potential ways to save on energy consumption.
Possible measures in the event of a power shortage: