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Family Guide

Dear Families

The Canton Basel-Landschaft is a wonderful place to live, work or visit. We have much to offer you and your family. We hope you will find this guide to be a treasure trove of useful tips, providing you with an address you need or pointing you towards the right website at the right time.
The guide contains information on public and private services for families in the Basel area. All available services by the government, churches, associations and support groups are presented in a clear and organized fashion. On top of this, the manual offers practical advice and fresh ideas for everyday family life.
The Family Guide Baselland is by no means comprehensive. We will, however, make a continuing effort to update the content and add new information. We have described each service based on the presentation given by the institution that offers it. Of course, we took care to check all the information we included very carefully. Should you have any comments or suggestions, please send us these by email:
Thank you!
A long list of experts collaborated with us to create each chapter. We thank them all for their gifts of experience and expertise.

Your Department for Family Affairs


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Contents of the Family Guide

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